Wabtec Digital Mine Secures Deals with Global Mining Companies for 3,500 Gen 3 Collision Avoidance Systems

Wabtec Digital Mine Secures Deals with Global Mining Companies for 3,500 Gen 3 Collision Avoidance Systems

PITTSBURGH, July 24, 2023 – Wabtec (NYSE: WAB) Digital Mine, a leading provider of innovative mining solutions, announced the company received a series of orders for 3,500 of its new Generation 3 Collision Avoidance System (Gen 3 CAS) from three major global mining companies. The capabilities of the new system will drive performance and safety improvements at the customers’ mining operations.
"These orders demonstrate the Gen 3 CAS’s value and rapid market adoption since we launched the system in June,” said Nalin Jain, President, Digital Intelligence for Wabtec. ”The Gen 3 CAS is the only solution aligned with the industry’s best practices that also meet the functionality requirements of our customers.”

Installing Gen 3 CAS across a customer’s mining operations will improve safety, bolstering their zero-harm objectives. By minimizing the risk of vehicle interactions, the Gen 3 CAS will contribute to reduced downtime, increased productivity, and optimized resource utilization. Wabtec's customers can confidently rely on this innovative solution to drive performance and achieve their operational objectives.

Wabtec Digital Mine's Gen 3 CAS offers a range of class-leading advanced capabilities not seen on any other solution. These include predictive beam curving, context-based definitive voice-based alerts, real-time self-test, superior accuracy via Ultra High Precision Global Navigation Satellite Systems, and the most advanced rules and intelligence engine in the industry. The system's brand-new user interface, validated by Professor Robin Burgess-Limerick, a noted human factors expert, has been designed so that vehicle operators receive appropriate feedback from the Gen 3 CAS.

"We are  improving safety and operational efficiency, so we have entered into agreements with several global mining companies who recognize the potential of Wabtec Digital Mine's Gen 3 CAS to transform their mining operations," said Jain. "These customers are installing the Gen 3 CAS to  enhance their mining fleet's safety standards and performance."
Wabtec Digital Mine's Gen 3 CAS incorporates a brand new, cleaner, simpler user interface with context-based voice alerts that have been built using the latest human factor design. It replaces "beeps-and-buzzer" analog technology with sophisticated, discreet, directional, and audible warnings. This interface enables operators to work without distraction and respond instantaneously to audible alerts.
"We are thrilled that multiple global mining companies have selected Gen 3 CAS for their operations," said Henro van Wyk, Vice President and General Manager of Wabtec Digital Mine. "These  deals represent a significant achievement for Wabtec’s Digital Mine team positioning the business as the global leader in mining technology by redefining the meaning of true collision avoidance. Mining operations using the Gen 3 CAS will achieve new levels of safety, efficiency, and productivity across their mining operations."
For more information about the Generation 3 CAS and other Wabtec Digital Mine products, please visit www.wabteccorp.com/digital-intelligence/digital-mine.
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