CLASS Sensing System
CLASS Sensing System

CLASS: Contact-Less Acoustic Sensing System

The CLASS Contact-Less Acoustic Sensing System is an intelligent, multi-functional device that increases passenger safety and enhances the performance of the door system. Proprietary CLASS acoustic technology permits no-touch door actuation and allows passengers to exit without contact with the doors.

CLASS eliminates the expense and maintenance of push button, tape switches, touch bars and light beams. Solid-state signal processing assures reliable performance. Functions as a touch bar or touch tape and sends a “door open” signal to the door control module. Recognizes a stream of exiting passengers and holds the doors open to eliminate excessive time delays and reduces valuable dwell time. While the bus is in motion, The CLASS system can detect passengers standing too close to or leaning against the exit doors and activates an alarm, a warning light or a voice announcement system.

Sensors mounted on each door panel and an overhead mounted sensor scan specified detection zones in the exit doorway area. When an exiting passenger places their hand within the detection zone, the CLASS sensors detect that action and sends a signal for the doors to open. CLASS will maintain the doors in the open position for a single person or an exiting passenger stream

  • For new vehicles and retrofit applications
  • Operating voltage: 12 or 24VDC nominal
  • System power consumption: 30w max.
  • USB interface
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