Hatch Cover Systems

We've got you covered.

  • 30+ years of experience
  • Covers for the entire N.A. hopper fleet
30" Round Hatch Cover Systems
30" Round

Aluminum, fiberglass composite, steel or stainless steel covers with multiple hardware and other options.

ConventionalHatch Cover Systems
Conventional Covers

Offered in aluminum and fiberglass with stainless steel batten bars and a hollow chamber design.

Quantum Plus Covers
Quantum Plus Covers

The premier choice for trough hatch cover systems. Offered in fiberglass and aluminum, standard and low-profile designs, and material options.

Quantum Plus Port Hatch Covers
Quantum Plus Port Covers

Quantum Plus covers with an additional 20” diameter round port added to each Plus cover. Offered in high-profile aluminum for 24” wide troughs.

Hatch Cover Systems

We've got you covered

Whether your cars were built decades ago or are brand new, we have the expertise you can trust for your cars and service. Troughs, rounds, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, food grade, corrosion resistant, dual opening or batten free are just some of the options available to protect your commodity.

Wabtec Freight Car Hatch Cover Systems
Features & Benefits:
  • Replacement covers for entire N.A. hopper car fleet
  • Standard and custom solutions for specific car requirements
  • Patented Quantum design eliminates the need for batten bars
  • Industry leading warranties
Wabtec Freight Car Hatch Cover Systems
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