VaporVision™│Wabtec Corporation
VaporVision™│Wabtec Corporation

Advanced machine vision technology optimizes door operation and provides passenger protection

Challenged to support high ridership while meeting on-time schedules, transit agencies strive to provide a seamless passenger experience for boarding and off-boarding. The leading-edge VaporVision system provides a comprehensive sensing solution that integrates seamlessly with existing Vapor door systems. Using advanced detection technology, unrivaled configurability and connectivity, this system represents a significant leap in transit bus operational efficiency.

  • On-board camera - powered by artificial intelligence-based deep learning to deliver a paradigm shift for on-board sensing
  • 180o coverage - detects people and objects, a customized solution with enhanced features tailored to bus manufacturer and transit agency needs
  • Reduces dwell time - recognizes stream of exiting passengers, holds door open and eliminates delays
  • Reduces maintenance - a single integrated smart camera replaces multiple ultrasonic and infrared sensors, mechanical push buttons, tape switches, touch bars, and light beams
  • Allows passengers to exit without contact with the doors
  • Configurable detection zones customized to unique operational needs; automatic recordings of passenger door interactions and/or any area within field of view
  • Robust components resist dirt, humidity, temperature extremes, and vandalism
  • Diverse applications for new vehicles and retrofit installations
Uniquely intelligent sensing & monitoring system
VaporVision™│Wabtec Corporation
Contactless Detection Vision sensing technology detects passengers or specific objects
Sensors One camera fixed on door operator baseplate covers entire door portal area
Network Interfaces Ethernet, CAN, Wi-Fi
Live Visual Zone Customization Yes, via Vapor Live Utility
Customizable Data Acquisition Triggers Yes
Requires Stand-Alone Setup & Diagnostics Tool Vapor Live Setup Utility requires no download or installation, requires only a computer with an internet browser
Robustness to EMI Improved immunity to electromagnetic interference
Base Package Passenger & obstruction detection / Diagnostic & fault logging / Live visual zone customization / Custom video & data acquisition triggers / Vapor Live Utility
Additional Capabilities Passenger counting / Event monitoring and recording / Off-board remote monitoring
Design Life 12 Years
Power Supply Operating Voltage: 12V DC or 24 VDC nom. 10 VDC min, 37 VDC max.
Total System Power Consumption: 30 W max.
Temperature Range -4o F to 140o F / -20o C to +60C
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